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Madurai Jigarthanda

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15 mins
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Delight & Taste Awesome
Butter Scotch Ice cream 1/2Kg
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Delight & Tastes Awesome
Butterscotch Ice Cream 1 Kg
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5+1 Special Jigarthanda Offer
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11 items
ஜிகர்தண்டா NRML

Yummy Taste????   View details

ஜிகர்தண்டா SPL

Yummy taste ????????   View details

Black Currant

Ice Cream's ????   View details

Mango Ice Cream

Vanilla Delicious Flavour   View details

Butterscotch Ice Cream

Ice Cream   View details

Strawberry Ice Cream

Ice Cream   View details

Black Currant Lassi

Delicious   View details

Sweet Lassi

Lassi Made This Way Tastes Different Too   View details

Rose Milk

sabja   View details


Falooda   View details

Real Kulfi-Badam Flavour

Chill and Yummy   View details



5 items
Pappaya Juice

The Flesh Is Sweet & Health Nutrition   View details

Apple Juice

The Bitter Taste & Flesh With Sweetening   View details

Sappotta Juice

This Fruit Has an Espectionally Sweet Malty Flavor   View details

Pomegranate Juice

This Juice Is A Bitter - Tasting Tannins   View details

Grape Juice

Healthier Sweet Drink & Delicious Feel   View details



1 items
Basunthi Mini

பசும் பால் ஆடை????????   View details



4 items
Fruit Salad With Ice Cream

Delicious Smoothie Taste & Increases More Sweetness   View details

Lemon Nannari Sarbath

Satisfied Completely With The Refreshing Drink   View details

Dates Milk

Its A Deliicous Sweet & Creamy   View details

Badam Milk

Refreshing Milk With Taste Of Almond   View details

1.Special Offer (Restaurant)

1.Special Offer (Restaurant)

2 items
Jigarthanda Offer

Rs.40 worth Ice cream Free   View details

5+1 Normal Jigarthanda Offer

Buy 5 & Get 1   View details